21st Jun, 2007

Silly 1 Day Trip To Singapore – Part 2

After so long and before I forget about it, I better continue the 2nd part of my silly 1 day trip to Singapore.

After online for 1 hour at the lobby of Gateway Hotel, I headed to Singapore EXPO the World Internet Summit by taking the MRT. It took me about 10 minutes walk from Gateway Hotel to Paya Lebar station of the MRT’s East West Line. Before reaching Singapore EXPO I needed to change train at the other side of the platform at Tanah Merah station.

World Internet Summit Singapore 2007
World Internet Summit Singapore 2007

I stayed at the summit for only 2 hours before leaving due to the heavy flu I caught during the 10-hour journey on the bus. Head was heavy and not feeling well too. So, I went back to the Hotel for check in and rest.

Upon check in, I quickly rushed to the hotel room. To my utmost disappointment, the room given was without a single window! While I was having difficulty to breathe using my nose, I rang the receptionist to ask for a change of the room type. Unfortunately there was no more room with window left until tomorrow and there was no guarantee. To make the situation worse, the air conditioner was placed right beside the bed. I had no choice but to switch on the air conditioner because the air circulation was bad in the room. Anyway, I popped a few Panadols then slept for 3 hours under the thick blanket.

Woke up at 5pm something. Head was feeling better but was still having running nose. Took MRT back to Golden Miles Complex to get the return bus ticket to Penang on the night itself as I think even if I stay for the summit I will not benefit much from it. Furthermore, experience I had at Gateway Hotel was not a pleasant one too. The bus ticket I bought was a Starliner which costs SGD$52 (around RM115).

After getting the bus ticket, I had to deliver 2 cakes bought in Penang for my mum’s friend who stays in Clementi. Had my dinner with her family before heading to Sim Lim Square to hunt for some electronic gadgets. Sim Lim Square is located just 5 minutes walk away from the Bugis MRT station.

Sim Lim Square
Sim Lim Square

I thought of getting a Nokia N73 in Singapore as the price is cheaper as compared to getting it in Malaysia. However, nothing was bought in the end because there is no international warranty for mobile phone according to the salesman. I went back to the hotel to pack my stuffs after just staying for 30 minutes in Sim Lim Square.

I left Singapore at around 10pm. Starliner bus was not as comfortable as the 18 seated Super VIP bus but I could not ask for more anyway. After about 10 hours, I reached my beloved Penang at around 7am. That ends my silly 1 day trip to Singapore. 🙂

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